Group Signature System Using Multivariate Asymmetric Cryptography

Group Signature System Using Multivariate Asymmetric Cryptography

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This chapter presents a new group signature scheme using multivariate asymmetric cryptography. Compared with the exited signature schemes, the proposed scheme is applicable to e-voting schemes and can convince the requirements of e-voting schemes because it has two important characteristics, traceability and unlinkability. Traceability denotes that a group director cannot open the signature alone. He has to collaborate with a verifier to disclose an identity of the signer. Unlinkability denotes that the group signature can be split accordance to time durations. Then signatures are linkable in the same time range but un-linkable between dissimilar time periods. Therefore, the count authority can notice the double votes prior to opening them. Thus, there are two features in the proposed signature for count and supervision authority. Also, the size of signatures and the calculation overhead are private from the group members in the proposed scheme. So, it is efficient for large groups.
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Quantun Computing Threatens

Quantum computing threatens definite techniques and does not threaten others. Public key encryption, is being used considerably for securing the internet payments, banking transactions, and also emails and webs. The majority of today cryptography schemes are using public-key cryptography, that is in fact secure anti-attacks from contemporary computers.

Suppose that quantum cryptography can easily break many schemes by inverse the computing private-keys and quicker than the classical computer. While quantum cryptography are still in their early stages and non- equipped, with publicly known new quantum computers, small to attack traditional cryptography algorithms, many public authorities have begun to know the risk included if this technology becomes the practical applications. Since quantum computers is to process huge amounts of information in the quite short of time.

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