Halal Branding: A New Trend in Islamic Marketing

Halal Branding: A New Trend in Islamic Marketing

Ali Shahnazari (Payame Noor University, Iran)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5187-4.ch002


Muslim and Islamic marketing is very important on the global level. This chapter investigates Muslim's food market. In the first section, the foundations of Halal food are explained, and the roots of the concept of Halal and the challenges facing it are described. The second section includes Islamic branding and the foundations of Islamic branding. The Islamic foundation of Halal is a subject that comes together with the description of Halal food in the Holy Quran and is the subject of the third section. In the fourth section, Halal branding is explored, and in the fifth section, the legal and practical issues of Halal branding are analyzed. The final section includes models of Halal food and brand in which six models are put forward. The most recent of these models includes all the essential concepts of the previous models.
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Fundamentals Of Halal Food

Origins of Halal

Halal is an Arab`ic term which is connected to the Islamic tradition. Generally, Halal can be defined as “allowed” or “permitted”. The acceptance and understanding of what means Halal is at the center of Muslims’ beliefs. The opposite of Halal in Arabic is the term “haram” or unlawful. Islamic tradition considers everything as Halal unless the opposite has been proven. So, a Muslim must distinguish between Halal and unlawful foods. On the other hand, it seems that “haram” causes much strong feelings in people. That is because the voluntary consumption or involvement in unlawful activities will lead to spiritual or physical punishments. So, Muslims prefer to avoid such activities when they are doubtful. For Muslims, Halal is not just a brand but a part of their belief system and ethical program in their everyday lives. The literature review in the current study points to the exact and uniform definitions of Halal. Generally, such definitions fall into the field of marketing. However, experts claim that “Halal” as a concept contains some characteristics that give it the features of a phenomenon and spirituality. Anything which is presumed as Halal is driven by the spiritual world and as a result cannot be confined to the physical dimensions of branding (Wilson, 2010:115).

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