Highly Aged and After Cloud

Highly Aged and After Cloud

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There have been more and more people who will live longer year by year. This phenomenon will become a global expansion in the number of highly aged people. It is said that the highly aged people will be likely to get a sudden bodily worse condition after the age of 75-80 in Japan. (This phenomenon may be also said for all of human) After the bodily worse conditions, all that they can do at present is to see a doctor, which is not so easy matter for those highly aged people. Because it is very difficult to find out a proper medical doctor with an appropriate atmosphere (; easy access, not much burden, proper medical treatment, after care, etc.) for an individual highly aged person. So, in this chapter, try to find out what can be done by using the present high technologies of “After Cloud; including AI, VR, and AR” in order not to cause more and further troubles for those highly aged people.
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There have been living more and more highly aged people (after 75 years old). And the number of those highly aged people has been increasing year by year in Japan (JILI, 2019). This might be also a global phenomenon. At this age, some of the tissues and the organs of human will seem to start functioning not perfectly well (Yomeishu, 2012. Tentouyobounavi, 2017). And they will seem to be fragile by all kinds of inside and outside stresses. In another words, it seems that some kinds of phase state changes of the human body will make themselves physically weak. However, it is also known the following things too;

  • 1.

    A bit of mental assistance will make them work fairly good again.

  • 2.

    A little bit of physical help will be possibly to make them work very good again. So that, one will not need another’s help (including a doctor’s help) any more.

  • 3.

    Just a bit of rest will make the physical body and the mental damage work well again.

  • 4.

    A novice medical treatment will make the physical body work well again.

  • 5.

    Just a bit of massage and tapping will make the physical body and the mental damage work again.

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So, in this chapter, it will be studied what sort of things can be done for highly aged people by the help of present high technology of “Cloud”. What is more, it will be considered whether “Cloud” is only the technology for helping and assisting the highly aged people or not? Namely, human will understand a thing better if there is an assistance visually and intimately. In this sense, the following technologies are also considered for the usages; Individual Cloud, Fog Computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality).

The studies and the arguments will go on under the following steps.

  • 1.

    Firstly, it will be considered what sort of physical body and mental damages will come out to the highly aged people.

  • 2.

    Secondly, it will be studied what sort of assistance and help will be needed for those damages.

  • 3.

    Thirdly, it will be studied what sort of assistance and help will be possible to use the present technologies; Cloud, Individual Cloud, Fog Computing, AI, VR, and AR.

  • 4.

    Finally, conclusion.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Highly Aged People: Group of people whose ages are over 75 years old (80 years old).

Fog Computing: Decentralized computing infrastructure that data, storage, IoT, and software are distributed around in the most idealized and the most efficient place between the data source and cloud.

Mr: Mixed reality.

Individual Cloud: The cloud that is used only for an individual person through cloud from the internet.

Cloud (Computing): Cloud computing is a way to offer a required and a necessary information for users that are retrieved through the internet.

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