Hyperbook Features Supporting Active Reading Skills

Hyperbook Features Supporting Active Reading Skills

Tom Murray
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-729-4.ch008
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MetaLinks is a domain independent authoring tool and web server for adaptive textbooks (“hyperbooks”) that supports active reading. We show how cognitive and educational research and theory from the areas of text comprehension and active reading strategies can be applied to hyperbooks. Adaptivity and other MetaLinks features allow us to create a single hyperbook that serves multiple purposes. A MetaLinks hyperbook can serve as textbook and reference book; can be equally appropriate for novice and advanced readers, and can be coherently read from a number of thematic perspectives. “Active reading/learning” refers to a set of high level reading, searching, problem solving, and metacognitive skills. We describe the MetaLinks system and how its features support a number of behavioral, cognitive, and metacognitive active reading skills.

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