ICT Developments: Learning Design and Teaching

ICT Developments: Learning Design and Teaching

Nigel Ford (University of Sheffield, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-741-6.ch006


This chapter is the second of two chapters that explore developments in information and communications technology (ICT). This chapter discusses ICT tools and standards developed to support learning design and teaching. Such developments greatly affect the learning media and modes available for deployment by learning designers. These may enable existing learning designs to be delivered in different ways. However, they may also enable the development of new learning designs. The chapter begins by reviewing developments relating to computer-assisted learning (CAL), with particular emphasis on intelligent and adaptive tutoring systems that incorporate aspects of artificial intelligence and the use of reasoning mechanisms and knowledge representations to support learning. It goes on to discuss learning environments and management systems, and the move to interoperability, sharing, and reuse, which closely interrelates with resource discovery as discussed in the previous chapter.

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