Identification of Various Privacy and Trust Issues in Cloud Computing Environment

Identification of Various Privacy and Trust Issues in Cloud Computing Environment

Shivani Jaswal (Chandigarh University, India) and Manisha Malhotra (Chandigarh University, India)
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Cloud computing is a rising paradigm in today's world. In this, users can send his or her request to any CSP, i.e., cloud service provider, of their choice. In return, the CSP reverts him back with that particular service. Now, while communicating from various two locations, the data transferred is not passed through that much amount of security and privacy as expected. So, there are lots of parameters in the environment that are taken care of while sending, receiving or just passing data over the network. This chapter presents various security issues that are underlying in cloud computing. This chapter has illustrated various issues such as Trust, Encryption, Authenticity, Confidentiality and Multi Tenancy. Also, some of the proposed solutions have also been discussed later in the chapter.
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Cloud Computing Architecture

The working of Cloud computing is generally divided into two parts: backend and frontend (Armbrust, et al., 2009). Here, Frontend is basically a “user section” and backend is a “cloud section”.Also, there is a server which works in centralized manner which is further helpful in administering the system and checks whether the system is running smoothly or not, by fulfilling the client’s demands. The proper functioning of the environment is taken under some set of rules and protocols that uses special software known as middleware (Singh et al, 2014).

Figure 1.

Architecture of high-level cloud middleware


Cloud middleware is also known as Cloud OS, which helps in controlling the services. Networked computers can communicate with each other with the help of middleware. For example: Google App Engine and Amazon EC2/S3.

In an improved vision of the cloud computing, Client sends benefit solicitations to the server. Then system management finds appropriate resources. After the computing resources are found, then the request which was made by client is executed. Finally, the found results are forwarded to clients as a service (Zhang et al, 2010).


Introduction To Cloud Computing Challenges

Over the most recent couple of years, the engaging elements of cloud computing have been filling the incorporation of cloud conditions in the business, which has been therefore inspiring scholarly community and enterprises to proceed onward the way of research (Beth, et al., 1994). Notwithstanding its focal points, the move to this registering worldview raises security concerns, which are the subject of a few reviews. Other than of the issues gotten from Web advancements and the Internet, mists present new issues that ought to be gotten out first keeping in mind the end goal to additionally enable the quantity of cloud arrangements to increment.

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