Illegal Drugs in Lebanon: Recreational or Medicinal…Who Is the Victim?

Illegal Drugs in Lebanon: Recreational or Medicinal…Who Is the Victim?

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Based on utility, Lebanon is pursuing illegal drug trade activities for the monetary value they offer. The ethical dilemma is that Lebanese law prohibits drug plantation, yet the government is implicitly encouraging these activities, thus the contradiction and the corruption dilemma. On a pharmaceutical and economical level, drugs have a positive outcome, but on a recreational and abusive level, drugs can be very harmful and sometimes deadly. They are not dangerous because they are against the law; they are against the law because they are dangerous. Lebanon should legalize some drugs, the ones that have minimal negative effect on consumers. Therefore, Lebanon's economy would still benefit monetarily from this industry, while making the life of the farmers much easier, and maybe give the chance to poor rural areas to offer security and a moderate level of living. This chapter explores illegal drugs in Lebanon.
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It is the viscous exudates of the hemp plant (Cannabis). Like all other drugs, it’s a chemical substance that affects a bodily, intellectual, expressive, or communicational aspect in a person. All drugs are considered unethical and are still considered as a taboo in the Lebanese society. Nevertheless, different types of drugs do have different consequences on the consumer; some are more harmful than others. In the end, all drugs are harmful and there is no right way and absolute solution to this deal with this issue. Nonetheless, the most realistic option and viable alternative is one that has been adopted by most industrialized countries which is legalizing or tolerating hemp.


Hemp is a powerful, bush-like plant with loved, seven-finger leaves. It’s a family of plants, some of which, according to archeological evidence, are used to make rope and strong rough cloth and others of which are used to get the drug cannabis. All hemp-based drugs except Marijuana do not contain TetraHydroCannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive substance. Hence, the effect and consequence of hemp is not as harmful as any other kind of drugs.


“Ladinin” a drug which contains an active ingredient “ciprofloxacin”. This ingredient has a pharmacological act of broad-spectrum antimicrobial drug of fluoroquinolone collection with bacterial act.


General Background Of Recreational Drug Use

Generally, humans enjoy feeling happy and good and the use of drugs makes this happen. This could either be lawfully done with several kinds of drugs like nicotine, anti-depressants and caffeine or illegally done with a range of illicit drugs such as ecstasy, heroin and amphetamines. Nicotine is the psychoactive constituent of tobacco. Cannabis has been used by nearly every culture in history. It was first used when cannabis seeds were used in China as food. Then, it was spread all over the world since humankind was using it for religious, medicinal and recreational purposes. There was a movie in 1936 called “Reefer Madness” in America that showed young people raping and murdering under its influence.

As for the opiates such as opium, morphine and heroin, some evidence shows that Neanderthals have used poppy seeds as food. In 1300 BC, the Egyptians used to cultivate opium poppies in order to trade them into Europe and Greece across the Mediterranean. Afterwards, Arabs, Romans and Greeks used it as a soporific and sedative. India cultivated, ate and drank opium for several purposes like increasing soldiers’ courage and it was seen as a household remedy. Opium was reintroduced in 1527 as laudanum which means that it was mixed with alcohol. The British, during the 18th Century were making money due to the trade of opium from India all the way to China but the Emperor of China banned this trade.

He forbids this trade to block the rise of dependent handlers. Here’s when the British don’t give China a choice other than keeping the opium flood coming in.

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