Impact of Supply Chain Digitalisation on a Connected Global Market

Impact of Supply Chain Digitalisation on a Connected Global Market

Farooq Habib (Cranfield University, UK) and Murtaza Farooq Khan (Independent Researcher, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0131-3.ch009


This chapter focuses on the impact of supply chain digitalisation on a connected global market. The first section focuses on the dynamic consumer requirements and preferences. The second section appraised the segmentation and mapping of digital technologies. The third section examines the contemporary application of digital technologies including: big data, blockchains, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. The final section analysises the rules and regulations the form the basis of a contemporary framework for the governance of digital technologies.
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Impact Of Bricks Vs Clicks On Supply Chains

Traditionally, supply chains have been based off physical rather than digital infrastructure. As technology has evolved, so too have supply chains, with many digitalising various facets of their business operations. Even with the emergence of supply chain digitalisation, there is still the fact that many of the systems used by a variety of stakeholders within the supply chain do not always efficiently communicate with each other. The divergence between the consequences of physical and digital infrastructure can be analysed through the perspectives of data exchange, data analytics, traceability and supply chain integrity, efficiencies and the threat of fraud and loss.

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