Imparting OBE to the Younger Generation

Imparting OBE to the Younger Generation

Padma S. (Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science, Andhra Pradesh, India) and Pugazendi R. (Government Arts College, Salem, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4784-7.ch003
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Today's education scenario is exclusively towards OBE. The system is very much concerned about the outcome. Several modalities have been designed to provide the outcomes. Subjects are framed to meet the global standards. To enhance the learning, several teaching practices must be adopted. The cognitive level of the students differs from each other. The traditional teaching methods may not deliver the expected outcome. Updation in means of technology is required; at the same time update in the knowledge of teacher is also essential. In a nutshell, OBE concept can be achieved by framing a good syllabus, teaching methodology, teacher, assessment technique, and environment.
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3.1 Introduction And Background

Being humans learning is a continuous process. The basic learning is given through education where the learning deals with various fields. The primary role of education is to impart new things and stand aside in developing a good citizen with knowledge and skills. Teaching a given curriculum does not alone provide the essential for a citizen. After the necessary education the younger generation must have the potential to excel in any of the skills that have been provided at the time of learning. Considering this Bloom’s taxonomy was reworked as per the recent needs. It involves three domains of learning namely cognitive (Knowledge), affective (Attitude) and psychomotor (Physical skills) which are considered to be as the essentials(Vanderbilt, n.d.). These domains can be assessed by the following remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating.

Remembering the fundamentals, understanding the concepts, applying the concepts at required situations, analyzing the pros and cons of the concepts, evaluating the methods and trying to create new things from the learned ones is considered to be the vision of the education system. The field of education now focuses mainly on the outcome based education (OBE) concepts. The outcome of the education does not depend on a single factor. Focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education reflects in the development of the society. Preparing a matrix enclosing domains of learning and knowledge level describes the attainment of OBE.

The impact of technology development and the need to cope up with it leads to OBE. With several years of teaching experience and through surveys of various researchers today’s young minds are considered to be as the Z generation. The concentration of them towards a single topic is within a limited time. Distractions of minds are due to the massive growth of electronic gadgets. To make them focus towards education the role of technology is highly important. Effective usage of technology by the educationalist along with their knowledge and experience will favor the travel to reach OBE.

Feeding the basic concepts of the domain along with the exposure of its current trends to the students leads to innovation. Experimental learning improves the understanding of the students. Evaluating the students using the traditional methods may not help to reach the outcome. Development of prototypes, methods, ideas etc. represents the clear understanding of the content. Several factors that influence the OBE are curriculum design, Students Knowledge, teacher ability, Assessment methods etc. The education Policies highly includes towards more practice on the subjects.

The execution of this process is a cycle where each and every factor can be refined according to the need and trend. The work flow of the education system is clearly defined in the figure 1. The flow starts with the Curriculum design which is considered to be as the initial key process. This process has its own attributes that determine its quality. It is separately consider as a cycle that goes on until the outcome is reached. The quality of the curriculum not only depends on the subjects and outcome but it relies on the input. The input of the education system is the younger generation. These persons are distracted by several factors commonly.

Today’s boom in Information Technology can be both bless and curse towards the younger generation. Social media influences the minds of the students which directly or indirectly affects the outcomes of the education system.

The next factor is the teacher and the teaching aids. The success of OBE cannot be attained by a single factor. The update knowledge of faculty along with latest teaching aids aims to attain the OBE. Tremendous development of technology provides lot of opportunities to make the younger generation attentive.

The success of teaching can be evaluated through several assessment methods. The student’s knowledge level can be analyzed to check for the attainment of OBE. Preparing questions for this is an important task when compared to the traditional level. The various knowledge levels have to be evaluated within this stipulated time through the questions given.

Figure 1.

Work Flow of OBE system


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