Implementation of Encryption and Data Hiding in E-Health Application

Implementation of Encryption and Data Hiding in E-Health Application

Muzafer H. Saracevic, Aybeyan Selimi, Selver Pepić
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1290-6.ch002
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This chapter presents the possibilities of applying cryptography and steganography in design advanced methods of medical software. The proposed solution has two modules: medical data encryption and medical data hiding. In the first module for the encryption of patient data a Catalan crypto-key is used combined with the LatticePath combinatorial problem. In the second module for hiding patient data, the Catalan stego-key and medical image is used. The objective of the second part is to explain and investigate the existing author's method to steganography based on the Catalan numbers in the design of medical software. The proposed solution is implemented in the Java programming language. In the experimental part, cryptanalysis and steganalysis of the proposed solution were given. Cryptanalysis is based on time and storage complexity, leaking information and machine learning-based identification of the encryption method. Also, steganalysis is based on the amount of information per pixel in stego image, approximate entropy and bit distribution in stego-images.
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Author will now consider some of the earlier research in the field of cryptography and steganography in medicine, where author will put emphasis on data security in eHealth applications. Authors in (Mahua, Koushik, Goutam et al., 2015) propose a model which use of RSA and DES algorithm consequently, with three keys for multiple level data security, for the digital patient record. The proposed methodology uses image processing techniques to build a new type of encrypted information code in image format which can be transmitted and used. In the mentioned paper a complete GUI application been developed for both encoder and decoder-receiver section.

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