Improve Card Collection from Memory Alpha using Sociolinguistics and Japanese Puzzles

Improve Card Collection from Memory Alpha using Sociolinguistics and Japanese Puzzles

Carlos Alberto Ochoa Ortiz Zezzatti (Juarez City University, México), José Martínez (Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero, México), Nemesio Castillo (Juarez City University, Mexico), Saúl González (Juarez City University, Mexico) and Paula Hernández (Technological Institute of Ciudad Madero, México)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-0297-7.ch012


Research examining the role of species bias in the Memory Alpha card market has been an emerging area of inquiry. However, empirical knowledge on the question: “Does the specie of the personage’s role on a series affect the value of the card?” remains inconclusive. This chapter analyzes one of the first studies on this topic. Data were derived for 787 Alpha, Beta. Gamma & Delta species from Memory Alpha which were elected by a vote of the users in this Web Community conformed by fans. Data for each species’ society, technology performance registers, design card price, and card availability with a range from common to extremely rare were obtained from secondary sources associated with Memory Alpha. Findings indicate that card availability and, to a lesser extent, technology performance is the most important factor affecting the value of a species´ card, while importantly, a society’s species is not a significant contributor to card value. Suggestions for future research are outlined.
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The people say that in the Banean Society, nobody is only born, and that they illuminate everything to his around, but that does not mean that the love of its life, can with “Bioluminescence” saying here I am, Denara Pel you are a very special Viddian Lass for me but what gave so that you were Banean Lass! - Ikaarian Lass and Kelemane Leader, talking about most popular societies in Memory Alpha



In recent decades, Memory Alpha card collecting has evolved from its traditional form of swapping cards with friends and stashing those “prized acquisitions” in dusty shoeboxes under the bed (or using clothespins to attach them to the radios of the bedrooms) into a multibillion economic industry (Fort & Gill, 2000). Perhaps coincidentally, around the same time the hobby of card collecting started to change, scholarly, inquiry into collecting began to appear (McIntosh & Schmeichel, 2004), this passion by collect include Rallies of Knowledge associated with Memory Alpha to obtain clues to resolve Japanese Puzzles is another hobby related with this Community. Scholarly work in this area has quickly explained beyond the hobby associated with collecting cards to other series or books as Star Wars or Andromeda series. So far, this research has found little evidence that species play a role in the value of sports card. For example in Regoli et al. (2004) found no bias in their study of American traditional sport trading cards. Some researchers have used a relatively unique dependent variable, card placement, based on their symbolic capital status. What explains the contradictory results reported in these different research studies? They are likely the result of different samples and methodologies, but not consider use another kind of Artificial Intelligence techniques to describe this social behavior.

Social scientists recognized that studying the variety of items people collected, and their reasons for collecting could yield insight about human behavior, a collection will increase, according the popularity of items which conformed the collection, in Figure 1 is possible observed as a Collection increases the issues on the time according the value and scarcer of each issue is opinionated by the collector in this case Hasbro has a widely Pet Collection. For example, one reason people collect Memory Alpha cards and other memorabilia is to reconnect with their childhood memories specially science fiction which has a format of series, or to satisfy the simple urge to surround themselves with organized assortments of precious objects or issues. For others, it is a love of history and the great collectors of the past that drive their pursuit. And, of course, others collect Memory Alpha memorabilia because it may be profitable to do so; in fact, sometimes the appreciation for Science Fiction memorabilia is greater than that realized in more conventional investments (i.e., stocks or bonds) perhaps because of the scarcity of these items (e.g., How many really nice, strong signature related with the personages from series are available on sale?). Regardless of their motives, individual often develop deep personal connections to the object or issues which they collect.

Figure 1.

Hasbro Corporation has a Pet Collection conformed by 250 issues that increase each year according to the popularity of the items to collect


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