Individual Cloud: After Cloud

Individual Cloud: After Cloud

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It will be thought for sure that any kinds of knowledge will be accumulated and enhanced as Unique Cloud and Smart Cloud. And as a result of this phenomenon, the related space for the world will be able to be indulged in the world of getting processed information as a final use of data for a daily life. This is a very comfortable world to live, but, on the other hand, there might be a possibility which there will be many or some who live only under the offered information and knowledge from intelligent computer systems (Mini Cloud, Unique Cloud, Smart Cloud). So, it is very important to have knowledge of us in investigating whether or not Unique Cloud and Individual Cloud are useful enough to use by inspecting from the outside world even though we are to live in the hypothetical world. And here the authors propose a method to resolve some of the problems under these situations by an idea of “Individual Cloud.”
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There are so many kinds of tool, system, software, hardware, knowledge, thought, idea, principle, theory, and various kinds of human behaviors linked with Internetworking by Information Technologies that have been facilitating human actions even in cases at Dense Interference Space (DIS). DIS is a place where so many people or information is gathered randomly unintentionally on a networking or at a physical place. In the Interfering One Another (IOA) at DIS, it will be able to take any actions, for example, manufacturing fine goods, transporting goods, reducing a cost, solving a problem in managing a company, keeping an environment as they should be, making money, getting an information, making a new idea, learning, communicating, knowing, creating, diverging, etc. DIS could be appearing anywhere with any idea at any time purposely or coincidentally as a history tells us in the networked societies. And DIS may have an influential aspect in guiding a social and a technical direction without giving us any intention beforehand. And this tendency could not be stopped by anybody with any idea under the conventional ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and actions even though the tendency would be wanted to avoid.

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