Innovative Call Center Applications Focused on Financial Marketing in the Turkish Banking Sector

Innovative Call Center Applications Focused on Financial Marketing in the Turkish Banking Sector

Hasan Dinçer (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey) and Ayşe Mengir (Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2559-3.ch007
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As a result of globalization, call centers of banks that develop rapidly by the virtue of the technology become an important unit which brings first contact with customers. Nowadays, call centers not only give support to customers and other callers but also use the communication tools. This chapter examines innovator call center applications in banking. The main aim of call centers is to provide services with minimum cost, maximum speed, and excellent customer satisfaction. To achieve this purpose, it is necessary to incorporate the advantages of technological improvements. According to the research results, beside the excessive usage of call centers by customers, the banks direct their customers to call centers or alternative distribution canals to decrease the workload of the branches. Moreover, it is mentioned in this research that some precautions are taken for both internal and external customer satisfaction. Under today's economic conditions, customers do not prefer banks which are not using innovator technologies.
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In recent years, the development of technology has made it necessary to develop banking applications. Especially when the first contact with the customers and call the customer call centers starting from 7-24 hours 444 *** // 0 800 ***, the expectations of the customers from the customer representatives is to perform the transaction by phone and be able to handle this operation without even waiting. Towards the end of the 1980s, the use of technology in banks has thrown (Lin et al., 2010; Feigin et al., 2006). Companies and banks not only use the developing technology in the product they produce, but also use the technology in the promotion and marketing and sale of this product. Call centers have a large share in promotion and marketing. With the developing technology, the speed of the call centers transportation and transactions has increased. In addition to transferring the intensity of the branch to call centers, it is also directed to other alternative distribution channels. The most important reasons for their referral are related to the qualification of the services offered in interbank competition. It has become a necessity for banks to bring technology together with their customers and to maintain their assets (Rocha et al., 2005; Brown et al., 2005).

The aim of this work is to examine developing alternative distribution channels in Turkey, to discuss the importance of call centers in ensuring customer satisfaction, digitization comes with IVR (interactive voice response system) and examine the audio technology and will not go into call center applications used in banks in Turkey. In the first part of the study; In the last 50 years, the effect of the incredible distance in technology in call centers has been mentioned. In today's world where global integration is taking place, it is seen that traditional trade models have started to disappear in developed and developing countries, and individual customers and corporate customers have realized their needs through call centers, internet banking, mobile branches and ATMs quickly, in less time and without distance.

In the third part of the study, customers can perform their transactions in the IVR tree without reaching the customer representative. As the IVR (voice response system) tree, the width of the IVR (voice response system) is mentioned. Customers can do many transactions such as password transactions, eft-remittance transactions, voice surveys without connecting to the customer representative. This means saving time for both the company and the customers. At the same time, firms can significantly reduce their costs. It is seen that banks improve their operational channels and reduce their costs and transfer the labor load on employees to alternative distribution channels.

The fourth part of the study is related to the competitiveness and productivity in Turkey and it is one of the important issues in the world. Factors that determine the competitiveness of production, cost, market power, speed can be addressed. Here, the concept of speed is one of the important concepts. Especially with electronic banking transactions, both companies and customers can go beyond traditional practices. At the same time, with the development of information technologies, banks can change their strategies or develop new strategies. As alternative distribution channels are applied, banks that do not charge for electronic channels have recently started to charge fees. Not only the internet or mobile branch, but also telephone banking. Noting call centers of banks in Turkey in recent years, it has implemented voice recognition technology is a call center system. Customers with the application process in Turkey can only realize their speaking voice. With the increase of voice recognition technologies and the technologies used by the branches for the future, it will contribute to the increase of financially (residual) spiritual (especially time saving) to the firms and customers.

Key Terms in this Chapter

USD: American dollar.

R&D: Research and Development.

IVR: Interactive Voice Response.

ATM: Automatic Teller Machine.

EU: European Union.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management.

US: United States.

CTI: Computer Telephony Integration.

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