Insights to the Interconnections of Health, Education, and Other Wealth Components

Insights to the Interconnections of Health, Education, and Other Wealth Components

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-3643-9.ch002


This chapter is devoted to showing the levels of manifestation of interconnections in the area of economic and social development with a focus on health, education, and other wealth components. It describes the existing interconnections between different assets, which are health, education, and social capital, besides traditional economic factors owned by individuals, groups, and economies. The chapter is mainly based on a review of the previous literature that has looked at one or several dimensions of these interconnections. This covers the interdependencies that have been described in the context of specific world regions. The outcomes from this chapter prepare one for the coming chapters on the role of ICTs in coordination.
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Theoretical Approaches And Interdependencies

The main publications that have been reviewed are those that contribute to the assessment of the relationships involving health. Two major types of approaches have been identified in relation to the number of variables affecting health. These relationships are respectively reviewed with emphasis placed on different socioeconomic factors. The first set introduces a more general view about the variables and their levels of interactions. The second is based on few socioeconomic variables and their relationships to health. This refers to the relationships of health and nutrition, health and education, health and governance and health and labor markets.

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