Intelligent Farming With Surveillance Agribot

Intelligent Farming With Surveillance Agribot

Tripty Singh (Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham, India) and Dasari Naga Vinod (Amrita Vishwa Vidhyapeetham, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8027-0.ch011
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This chapter endeavors to execute the rural cultivating robot which can move naturally, instinctually, automatically to furrow, seeding, and water system in shut field. This examination additionally adds to upgrade usefulness of agri-bot in the field for spying. The agri-robot is outfitted with a camera and sends the information to pc through wi-fi arrange. The robot has furrowing cutting edges and servo engine for dispersing the seeds and water system into the field. It works with ultrasonic sensor and IR sensor. Ultrasonic sensor is for dodging deterrents in the field; IR sensor is for detecting felid limit. Arduino controller goes about as heart and cerebrum of the framework; it makes quick, precise, self-governing development. This exploration includes an agri-bot that utilization Wi-Fi 802.11G alongside TCP/IP convention. IP address and video are gotten in workstation for further handling. This examination means to decrease human endeavors and give a clever guide to the farmers.
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Today, the horticulture area is more consolidate on worst culture creation. By the numerous provincial areas in India does not have the essential aptitudes, procedures and difficult work in cultivating that declines the advancement of creating nations. In this manner, the farmers are essentially required to move towards the innovation for sophisticating the field for furrowing, seed appropriating, and burrowing (Moallem et al., 2013;2014;Razmjooy et al., 2012). By the Furrowing and seed conveying machines are worked physically, there is no robotization for both the exertion. The customary strategy incorporates disseminating the seeds by hand and furthermore dibbling (burrowing the dirt and putting the seeds by hand) is performed. The fundamental thought of this paper is to do the activity of furrowing the field and seed sowing with the assistance of mechanization. By utilizing this procedure, craftsmanship can be diminished up to 95 percent. The utilization of this robot is chiefly for horticultural purposes. The robot can likewise catch the minute-by-minute work by rehearsing the camera. The information can be checked in the PC/PC by rehearsing the IP Webcam through Wi-Fi organizes. Along these lines, observation can be executed. The robot can see and break the deterrents like trees and stones in the cultivating field by utilizing the proximity sensor. The impediments of the proposed technique can be considered as the following:

  • The robot will actualize work inside limit and will likewise escape impediments.

  • The robot will be actualized in cultivating field without including any handicraft in the base measure of time.

  • To actualize robotized furrowing and seed circulation utilizing Arduino controller.

Robots in Agriculture-Agri-Bots

Mechanical technology in agribusiness in India has been a pushed prerequisite for our farmers from a decade ago. The principal report was distributed from the February 1934 Current Mechanix diary. This idea strives to build up emergency that an agriculturist could be isolated from a machine's field activity where at first there was just little advancement in the robotization of Agribot or in fact a car division. Agribusiness is a key development in the rising of inactive human and by helpful in business exercises like giving the sustenance and vitality for our reality. There is diminishing in the rural robot chart, to build the horticultural development diagram we need to create more machines that abatement the general expense to the farmer. The sprouting of the cultivating robots, which can move consequently in the field to ploughing the cultivating field with mechanized furrowing and can appropriate the seeds into the cultivating field inside the limit of the cultivating field.

The Figure 1 shows how the robot can accomplish in the agricultural fields. The merits of the proposed method distinguished to the existing approach of the robot are as follows:

Figure 1.

Architecture of movement of autonomous robot in an agricultural field

  • Robots can perform the operation without break and even in hazardous situations like rainy season etc.

  • The robot can sense and escape the obstacles effectively without re-organizing the main system.

  • The robot can be implemented in ploughing the field in different depths and in the distribution of seeds within the adjacent boundary.

  • Monitoring the work in laptop/pc by using a mobile camera with IP Webcamandroid application through a Wi-Fi network.

Farming is basic to the proceeded presence of human life as they straightforwardly rely upon it for the creation of sustenance. The exponential ascent in populace requires a fast increment in sustenance with the utilization of innovation to lessen the work and augment creation.

Figure 2 shows the functions performed in an agricultural field.

Figure 2.

Functions performed in an agricultural field


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