Interchange Formats for Reference Models

Interchange Formats for Reference Models

Jan Mendling (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria), Gustaf Neumann (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria) and Markus Nuttgens (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-054-7.ch016


This chapter presents interchange formats as an enabler for reference model reuse on a technical level. We use a framework to describe the interplay of modeling tools and interchange formats. Based on an extended framework, we discuss the potential of interchange formats for the reuse aspect of reference models. Furthermore, we distinguish four cases of different technical sophistication that is needed to make interchange work. As it is unrealistic that everybody will use the same tool, the standardization of open interchange formats is the second best solution to leverage reference model reuse across different tools. After briefly sketching XMI, BPEL, XPDL, and PNML, we focus on Event-driven Process Chains (EPCs) as they are frequently used as a language for process reference models. The introduction to EPC Markup Language serves as an example to illustrate the design of an open interchange format for a reference modeling language.

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