Internet-Enabled User Interfaces for Distance Learning

Internet-Enabled User Interfaces for Distance Learning

Wei Liu (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Keng Soon The (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Roshan Peiris (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Yongsoon Choi (National University of Singapore, Singapore) and Adrian David Cheok (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-960-1.ch056


This chapter describes the integration of handheld computers in K-12 classrooms and its impact on digital literacy. Following a brief description of this new technology for education, teacher stories are used to illustrate what types of educational activities are possible above and beyond what is possible with available technology, what pedagogical changes need to be made to effectively integrate handheld technology in K-12 classrooms, how handheld devices can be adapted to harness their full potential as ubiquitous devices for teaching and learning, and how digital literacy skills influence and are being influenced by this technology. The ultimate goal of the author is to show that handheld computers have the potential to have a tremendous impact on teaching and learning, given the right context.

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