Interoperability and Communication Issues in CPS

Interoperability and Communication Issues in CPS

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-7312-0.ch009


Cyber physical systems involve multi-domain models during the development process of the design. This chapter focuses on integrated design methodology that provides reliable relationships between various system models of heterogeneous types. Each model is linked with the base architecture over the abstraction of an architectural view framework. From quadrotor perspective, this framework compares system models from different domains. Present methods lack in modeling, analysis, and design of CPSs due to nonexistence of an integrated framework. To overcome these difficulties, an architectural level system model is defined to capture the structural interdependencies. A base architecture for the complete system is described in this chapter to confirm the structural reliability the model elements and components present in it. The usefulness of this process is exemplified in the quadrotor air vehicle.
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An ample diversity of computing environments is evolved with the progress in the information technology. The group of different networks connected to each other is referred as heterogeneous networks and at the same time interoperability among these networks is plays a vital role. The integration of computational and physical elements is called as cyber physical systems. Smart home, transportation, health care, etc., are the areas where the cyber physical systems can be applicable. As different networks can be integrated as heterogeneous networks, similarly various CPS networks can also be integrated to form a global CPS network. The interoperability and the communication among various components in the CPS are guaranteed by the middleware framework. The middleware is able to deal with various protocols of different devices in the communication process.

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