Intra-Personal Emotional Intelligence Among College Students in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu

Intra-Personal Emotional Intelligence Among College Students in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu

Dunstan Rajkumar A. (VIT University, India), Ajay Kumar Sharma (Salalah College of Technology, Oman), and A. Manikandan (VIT University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3464-9.ch010
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The competency of individuals to distinguish their own emotions and those of others is known as emotional intelligence. It is the “ability of an individual to accomplish and control his or her emotions and own the capacity to control the emotions of others as well.” There are four branch models of enthusiastic insight that portrays capacities of different zones of emotional intelligence. First one being the perceiving emotions; it is the expression of emotions in a non-verbal reception; using emotions; use of emotions to facilitate thoughts; understanding emotions: where emotions convey information; managing emotions: emotions are managed and understood to convey information. This study focuses on the intrapersonal emotional intelligence which is the basis for interpersonal emotional intelligence. The aspects viz., understanding emotions, managing emotions, intrinsic motivation building, and zeal are studied. The study attempts to identify the factors of emotions present in the college students so as to help them to build an effective intrapersonal emotional intelligence.
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The capability of somebody to manage and control once own emotions and the ability to control the emotions of other people as well is known as emotional intelligence. The actual dictionary meaning of emotional Intelligence is “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically”. Emotional Intelligence is actually what we use or emphasize with our neighbours, friends, family & co-workers - the people to whom we need to make some deep conversations about our relationship. There are various forms of intelligence prevailing in the actual world and they are every so often connected to one another, with just some noteworthy differences between them. One such is cognitive intelligence. EQ is emotional intelligence, is all about identifying emotions (within ourselves and others), and communicating about our feelings. A detailed study is meant to be done on the emotional intelligence and is all about to study the potential mentality of the student mind-set in the perspective of the emotional intelligence. Also, this chapter will provide some action plans for the respective one’s where the students are lacking themselves in any of the specific tasks of the emotional intelligence. The intention of studying the intrapersonal students’ emotions is to help them to understand fully their emotions thereby their actions will be more beneficial to achieve the goals.


  • To study the factors of intrapersonal emotional intelligence of the student community.

  • To provide some specific action plans for people lacking in any of the specific tasks of the emotional competencies.

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