Investigation of Deforestation of Environmental Protection Areas of Madeira River Permanent Preservation Areas in Rondônia Amazon, Brazil

Investigation of Deforestation of Environmental Protection Areas of Madeira River Permanent Preservation Areas in Rondônia Amazon, Brazil

Marcelo Rodrigues dos Anjos (Federal University of Amazonas and Centro de Estudos da Cultura e Meio Ambiente da Amazônia RIOTERRA, Brazil) and Marla Schulz (Empresa Brasileira de Geoprocessamento (EMBRAGEO), Brazil)
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The deforestation of the Amazon protected areas involves a series of deleterious environmental factors, such as social conflicts, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, deterioration of watersheds, and environmental services offered, that still are not considered in studies of environmental impacts and when studied, are not valued economically or end up being undersized, resulting in loss of economic opportunities associated to the sustainable use of natural resources in areas of interest for conservation. This study had as objective to point out illegal activities in and around the area of special environmental protection (APA) of the Madeira River in Rondonia in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Reference, No. 001/CAO-AMB/MP/2006, with action and support of interagency bodies BPM/PM, SEDAM, SIPAM, INCRA, IBAMA, EMBRAGEO in order to understand the dynamics of deforestation in protected areas and indigenous lands of the state.
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Location Of Area

The Environmental Protection Area of the Madeira River, with its buffer zone, is located in the Northwest region zoogeographical ZZ1 in the state of Rondonia within the political boundaries of administrative Porto Velho. The geographical references are between the coordinates of the upper left corner (63 ° 57 '52 “W / 08 ° 37' 10” S) and the lower right corner (63 ° 53 '23 “W / 08 ° 48'44” S) (RONDÔNIA, 2002) (Figure 1).

Figure 1.

Location of the Environmental Protection Area of ​​the Madeira River in Rondonia state (IBGE, n.d.) (Limit Political Administrative 1:250,000)


Description Of The Area

The area lies between the parallels of segments 8 to 9 S and meridians 63 º 00 'to 64 º 30' WGr (RADAMBRASIL, 1978).

According to Radambrasil (1978), the most significant geomorphological feature in the area is the interfluvial tabular belonging to the Tertiary, lined predominantly by contacts Savannah / Forest and Open Forest. In the south-central and southeastern regions there are areas of basement and steep slope covered with dense open forest. It is noted on the southwest, Precambrian sandstone testimonials covered by Open Forest. The areas of the quaternary, ancient and modern, are located along the Cuniã creek and Mucuim, Açuã, Apone, and Madeira Rivers, and north of the Savannah identified by Cerrado Parks, which are an extension of the “Fields of Puciari - Humaitá (RADAMBRASIL, 1978). The Madeira River, except the other rivers mentioned, presents, besides forest structure, several communities settled on recent alluvial deposits.

In general, the soils situated on the left margin of the Madeira River present impediments of drainage, reflected by the type of vegetation.

In its greatest extent it is represented by Anthropic Unit Category Ap + Vsp - Livestock (grazing) + Secondary Vegetation with Palmeiras. In a dispersed form, there are areas of Lowland Rain Open Forest with Palmeiras (Abp), lower montane rain Open forest with Palmeiras (Asp) and Pioneer Formations with fluvial influence and / or lacustrine - herb (Pah), the latter on the island near Santo Antônio Falls (Figure 2).

Figure 2.

Vegetation cover of the Environmental Protection Area Rio Madeira (IBGE, n.d.) (Vegetation 1:250.000)


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