IoT in the Field of Healthcare

IoT in the Field of Healthcare

K. Govinda
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3441-0.ch031
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The chapter at first focuses on IoT being used in healthcare in general and then it moves to Parkinson's disease, specifically, and how people with it can be benefitted by IoT.
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Technology, over the years has always brought about a revolutionary change in the history of mankind. Be it good or bad, it has always influenced us in a large way and has shaped the modern 21st century world. Though it has led to war and destruction, it has also helped keep world peace and unity. Over the years, mankind has seen many interesting and breathtaking discoveries which have revolutionized the different aspects of everyday life. The Internet of Things is one such topic which has evolved or rather come across a long way since its discovery in the 90’s. It has pioneered the way for headway and development. It has connected various people across the globe and has led to path breaking discoveries and countless inventions which aims to provide a better future for all of us. It has conquered many fields including science, medicine. Smart objects inspired by IoT are found in each and every walks of life such as Smart Homes, Smart Parking System, Smart Agriculture etc. The IoT is an ideal technology which has played a key role in communication. We have seen that through the years how internet became the base for various programs. In this world of IoT, each object which has been connected, be it a phone or a room etc is considered to be smart. It has been programmed in such a way that it can be used to its utmost capabilities with the help of existing technologies such as RFID etc.

Smart Healthcare is very important in various health related applications through various sensors in patients and their medicines for seeing upon them. The IoT is used by clinical care to take care of the physiological and neurological conditions of the unhealthy through sensors by amassing their existing status and then passing this information to the required centers so that the doctors can check upon these affected people and take necessary steps in order to prevent deterioration of the patient’s condition. For example, if the blood pressure of a heart patient is varying rapidly, this can easily be detected by certain important sensors which will then process this information and send it to the concerned authorities who can take immediate action to prevent any mishaps and ensure the safety of the person. Various patients in hospitals require proper attention and they can be checked upon using IoT inspired monitoring. This method deploys sensors to accumulator important physiological information and uses gateways to get the job done. When you go to your medical exam, The doctor not only has general clinical / laboratory testing was based on static dimensions of your biological and metabolic, but also abundant better data from sensors. Using presented data, and assisted by verdict support schemes also will be having admittance to a large amount of observational data for other people have, your neurologist can make a much superior prognosis of the health and advise on treatment. Such a troublesome expertise with a transformational influence on could have worldwide fitness schemes and a radical decrease in healthcare costs and recover the haste and precision of analysis. In day to day life where everyone is busy, where we don’t have much span to check and to keep a watch on everything. How do we intend to keep our health good? Sensors offer us with correct and proper output and it's a much better selection than ancient medical instruments like thermometers like they may have optical phenomenon errors. For endlessly sending message from person’s location to medical informative GSM electronic equipment is used. Now days, heart diseases are exceeds up to dangerous level which results in death of such a large amount of individuals. Observance of patient anytime is tough or doctors also are unable to observe explicit patient for total operating hours. In several important conditions like patient is found remote from hospital or conjointly just in case of old patient who suffering with heart condition and physical disorders, continuous observance of patient isn't potential (Ufoaroh, Oranugo, & Uchechukwu, 2015).

These days, the health care sensors are assuming an essential part in our everyday life. Health care checking frameworks is one of the real upgrades in view of its advanced innovation. So we are essentially interfacing the temperature sensor and heart rate sensor so that at the same time we can observe the state of person who have been suffering and subsequently discounting the utilization of the thermometer and different devices to check the present state of the person who have been suffering.

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