Issues of Climate Change, Impact, and Adaptation Strategies in Nigeria

Issues of Climate Change, Impact, and Adaptation Strategies in Nigeria

Nwakor Flora Ngozi, Amadi C. Okey, Okwusi Moses Chukwunwike, Adiele Ezekiel Chinyere
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5487-5.ch030
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Climate change is a global problem affecting agricultural production, a good adaptation strategy for this phenomena should be sought for increase agricultural production. The study was conducted in Nigeria to assess the Impact of Climate Change on root and tuber crops production among farmers in Nigeria. Secondary data were used for the study, they were collected from NRCRI Umudike and other individual publications. The result shows that climate change had negative impact on root and tubers crops production including potato. Adaptation of Agriculture to climate change in the areas of crop and animal production, post harvest activities and capacity building, divers friction of livelihood sources through the use of different farming methods and improved agricultural practices will help to reduce the impact of climate change. Examples are establishment of forestry, generation of improved and disease resistance crop varieties addition of value into agricultural products and post harvest activities for climate change adaptation and sustainable development.
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Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Sectors

Annual GHG emission by sectors is shown in Figure 1 (Wikipedia, 2016). Power stations (21.3%) and Industrial processes (16.8%) were the highest culprits while waste disposal and treatment was the least.

Figure 1.

Figure showing the relative fraction of man-made greenhouse gases coming from each of eight categories of sources, as estimated by the Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research version 3.2, fast track 2000 project

Source: Wikipedia, 2016

In the long run, as gleaned from various reports (Heagle et al. 1983; Ludlow & Smit, 1987; Smit et al 1988) climate change could affect crop production in three main ways

  • Effect on crop yield by alteration of the crop’s immediate growing environments.

  • Effect on area and location of lands suitable for agricultural production.

  • Effect on multiple agricultural activities and on the functioning of the agriculture food sector, including prices, trade pattern, and employment.

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