Kinetic Gas Molecule Optimization (KGMO)

Kinetic Gas Molecule Optimization (KGMO)

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In this chapter, an optimization algorithm that is based on the kinetic energy of gas molecules, namely kinetic gas molecule optimization (KGMO), is introduced. This algorithm has some agents that are gas molecules, which move in the search space; these agents are subject to the kinetic theory of gases, which defines the rules for gas molecule interactions in the model. This algorithm has a good performance in terms of finding the global minima in 23 nonlinear benchmark functions, and the performance is compared with two other benchmark algorithms, namely particle swarm optimization (PSO) and the recently developed high-performance gravitational search algorithm (GSA).
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8.2 Kinetic Theory Of Gas Molecule

This part provides a brief description of relevant basic concepts of gas molecule laws. Scientists such as Boyle, Charles and Gay-Lussac developed the gas laws based on empirical observations and described the macroscopic behavior of gas molecules, which are the properties that can be directly observed and experienced by a person. The atomic theory of gases states that each substance is composed of a large number of very small particles (molecules or atoms). Basically, all the properties of gases including pressure, volume and temperature, are the consequence of the actions of the molecules making up the gas (Leonard, 2004).

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