Knowledge Dissemination in Portals

Knowledge Dissemination in Portals

Steven Woods (Boeing Phantom Works, USA), Stephen R. Poteet (Boeing Phantom Works, USA), Anne Kao (Boeing Phantom Works, USA), and Lesley Quach (Boeing Phantom Works, USA)
Copyright: © 2011 |Pages: 10
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-931-1.ch052
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While there are many aspects to managing corporate knowledge, one key issue is how to disseminate corporate documents with appropriate context. Upon finding an article on a certain subject, for example the material properties of titanium, a reader is likely to be interested in related articles such as applications of titanium or manufacturing methods for titanium parts. Each related article has the potential to increase the reader’s knowledge of the subject. Therefore, organizing documents into categories of interest plays an essential role in discovering and interpreting information. Furthermore, categories can be expected to provide historical context, describing how titanium was used in early designs or initial practices used for the repair of titanium parts.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Ontology: The set of the things that can be dealt with in a particular domain, together with their relationships.

Folksonomy: A set of terms generated by the collective action of an online community where users tag information or objects using their own terms or the terms recommended by others.

Knowledge Categories: Categories used to characterize the topics or areas of knowledge dealt with by documents.

Thesaurus: Generally, a set of keywords used for indexing and information retrieval; in the Boeing case, various relationships, including synonymy, generalization, specialization, and related-to, were also included.

Semantic Web: A vision of how the world-wide web could be more intelligent, based on metatagging the content together with the ability to inference automatically about different web objects are related to one another.

Tacit Knowledge/Information: Knowledge that is in people's heads and not externalized in documents or any other form.

Taxonomy: Any system of categories used to organize something, including documents, often less comprehensive than a thesaurus.

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