Knowledge Is Infinity, Language is Limit!

Knowledge Is Infinity, Language is Limit!

Simber Atay (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-071-2.ch013
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But to what extent can it be taught? There are the heteronyms of this problem such as Polanyi’s “tacit knowledge’’ or Hegel’s/Agamben’s Eleusinian Mystery. In Distance Education publications there is a current use of photographical illustrations; Photography itself is also a Distance Education program. Distance Education culture and Photography culture have also same mythological origins like Kairos and Mnemosyne.
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Distance Education As A System

Challenging to identify a system as an individual, isn’t it taking the risk of being paranoiac? Well then, if we change the context and if we want to be a manifest writer rather than an academician:

Because photography was not the problem, in fact there was no problem. Because Open Education was a system, any information within the scope of any program, was valid only if it was formulated within the sense of the Open Education system. No room for critical attitude within the communication of the information. But the direct transfer of the straight data the way that to enable the possibility of criticism was projected. The aforesaid global system had a transparent structure. Within the broadcasting frequency, there were no noise reasons such as censor, discrepancy, hesitation, disagreement. The information was distilled within the Open Education mechanisms for the heterogeneous student masses. These student masses, certainly, forms an extraordinary diversity in terms of age group, profession group, social class, ideological structure, geographical position. The genuine character of the Open Education makes the information directly functional. Besides, the Open Education enables material and moral development in positive terms for millions of people who could not trained during the university study or who wants to develop oneself. Considering the heterogeneous structure of the student mass, the academic mission of the Open Education, may be idealized as it was useful in realizing the postmodern but unfortunately kitsch utopias such as the intercultural alliance or inter-ideology reunification. But the Open Education represents a more classical tradition moreover in postmodern terms: Humanism! The information is preserved, and offered for the universal share of the humanity through the methodological regulations peculiar to the system. The operators of the system communicate with the students of the system by means of the books, television broadcasts, web sites and publications. This is a virtual communication. Again relevantly, the functions of the managers of the Faculty of Open Education, the white-collar workers of the Open Education, the authorities of the Open Education exams, the assisting training center elements relevant to the Open Education system, the publications, the authors do not alter this virtual feature. Correspondingly, the Open Education system has an intact structure. Only knowledge! For the knowledge! With the knowledge!

No room fantasy within the Open Education system:

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