Knowledge Sharing Centric Competitive Business Intelligence to Guide Convergence

Knowledge Sharing Centric Competitive Business Intelligence to Guide Convergence

Mei-Tai Chu (La Trobe University, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4209-6.ch001


This chapter discusses how knowledge sharing can increase enterprise business intelligence in the era of high business convergence. How the consequence of knowledge sharing would help achieve various business intelligence initiatives such as competitive intelligence, strategy formulation, facilitating organisational learning, and ultimately achieving competitive advantage to possess sustainable development is discovered. This chapter conducts a qualitative assessment to reveal interrelationships between knowledge sharing and competitive advantage and examine which incentive mechanisms can encourage knowledge sharing behaviour and relative importance among them at a firm level. The research findings unveil how knowledge sharing plays a vital role in fabricating the link between competitive advantage and organisational learning. The preferred knowledge sharing mechanism can help managers to allocate appropriate resources to motivate knowledge workers to share better. It also better aligns with business strategies by helping the organisation in collective knowledge and pursues an appropriate corresponding system to face fierce challenges internally and externally.
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2. Literature Review

In this section, the literature review centres on existing work of competitive advantage and strategic positioning first. The role of competitive intelligence in today's knowledge-driven era and how knowledge sharing can help to achieve information and knowledge generation, dissemination for organisational advantage is also described. The linkage between knowledge sharing and competitive business intelligence is then discovered through qualitative induction.

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