Language as a Medium for Bridging the Gap Between Philosophy, Media, and Development

Language as a Medium for Bridging the Gap Between Philosophy, Media, and Development

Odey Simon Robert
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4107-7.ch003
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Language is used in various ways and for various purposes, including for creating and solving various human problems. This chapter rises to demonstrate that language, as a medium of communication needed and used in all human endeavours, is what could be used to adequately bridge the gap between philosophy, media, and development in society. Using expository and analytic methods and qualitative approach, the chapter proves in its analysis that when language is used rightly and efficiently, the gap between philosophy, media, and development would be bridged adequately and the surrounding issues addressed significantly. It argues that the gap, which had been created and sustained by inefficient and wrong use of language in philosophical, media, and developmental matters, could be bridged through efficient and right use of language by professionals of these trio fields and other individuals in the society in general. The study submits that language is the panacea for the matters arising from the gap between philosophy, media, and development.
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Philosophy And Development

The commonly noted definition of philosophy is that of its etymology, which has it that philosophy simply means the ‘love of wisdom’ or the ‘quest to know’. This study reiterates and sustains that definition here. It is needless engaging in the various attempted definitions of philosophy, since every definition presupposes a conception not likely to be shared by other philosophers. Rather each definition is subjected to criticisms by other philosophers. Talking about the concern of philosophy, Uduma (2000, p. 7) notes that the most outstanding goal of philosophy is to deal with ‘ultimate things’, which are ultimate reality, ultimate truth and ultimate matters affecting human fate and conduct. He also states that in the course of its concern with human existence, philosophy indisputably deals with the deepest problems and issues of man and his existence (Uduma, 2000, p. 22). Here, this study considers the problem of the gap between philosophy, media and development as one of such problems of ‘man and his existence’. The gap is not just a problem, but also a challenging factor in the growth and development of philosophy and the media in societies, such as those in developing nations, where the gap is still vast, and development remains a mirage.

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