Language Teachers' Perceptions of External and Internal Factors in Their Instructional (Non-) Use of Technology

Language Teachers' Perceptions of External and Internal Factors in Their Instructional (Non-) Use of Technology

Haixia Liu (Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus, China & Michigan State University, USA), Chin-Hsi Lin (Michigan State University, USA), Dongbo Zhang (Michigan State University, USA) and Binbin Zheng (Michigan State University, USA)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0483-2.ch004
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Prior studies (e.g., Li & Walsh, 2011) found that language teachers did not use technology fully despite its possible facilitating function in language teaching. Through a survey and group discussions, this study explores pre-service Chinese-language teachers' perceptions of the internal and external barriers to their instructional technology use. The respondents (N=47) expressed five main types of external barriers: a) lack of technology, b) difficulty in accessing the available technology, c) lack of technical support, d) lack of proper assessment, and e) negative parental attitude. The two main internal barriers identified in this research were a) negative attitude originating from teachers' pedagogical beliefs, and b) lack of technology-related knowledge. The findings of this study should be of practical use in the future design and implementation of professional development aiming at improving language teachers' use of technology in teaching.
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Literature Review

Quite a few studies have touched on the issue of teachers’ low levels of technology integration. One line of research has aimed to identify which aspects of technology-adoption models influence teachers’ intentions to use technology by testing those models among teachers (e.g. Teo, 2011, 2014). Another has attempted to identify specific barriers that may prevent teachers from using technology in the classroom (e.g. Bradley & Russell, 1997; Ertmer, 1999; Ertmer et al., 2012; Veen, 1993). In spite of their seemingly divergent foci, both these lines of enquiry have aimed to explain technology (non-) use from external and internal angles.

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