Library Buildings on New Campuses

Library Buildings on New Campuses

Jianxin Gu (Southeast University Library, China)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3914-8.ch075
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In the 21st century, with increasing enrollment in higher education, the government invests more in education. However, discordance between population growth and land use has become more intense during city development, and land for campuses has become limited. Thus, in order to seek for better natural environment and larger space, university campuses are compelled to shift to suburbs. Suburbanization is the main trend of universities; most colleges and universities nationwide start building their new campuses in the outskirts of cities. To meet faculty and student needs for teaching, learning, research, and literature on new campuses, and to perform better in assessments of educational administrative departments, a new round of library construction boomed. Of course, economic growth and technological development provide strong material foundation and technical support for the construction of academic libraries.
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Achievements Of Library Construction On New Campuses

In 2013, there were 134 colleges and universities in Jiangsu province, among which were 51 general universities and 83 higher vocational colleges or specialized colleges. Investigation showed that, from 2001 to 2013, 82 colleges and universities constructed new library buildings in Jiangsu, accounting for 61.2% of all. Among those library buildings, 41 were constructed by 38 general universities, which account for 74.5% of all the general universities. The mean area of the newly-built libraries was 31,800 m2, as seen in Table 1.

Table 1.
List of newly-built university library buildings in Jiangsu from 2001 to 2013
No.Name of University LibraryCampusArea and Year of Completion
1Duxia Library of Nanjing UniversityXianlin Campus51,200 m2, September 2009
2Li Wenzheng Library of Southeast UniversityJiulonghu Campus53,800 m2, March 2007
3Hohai University LibraryJiangning Campus18,100 m2, 2005
4China Pharmaceutical UniversityJiangning Campus22,900 m2, August 2012
5Jingwen Library of Nanjing Normal UniversityXianlin Campus20,800 m2, April 2001
6Nanjing University of Finance & Economies LibraryXianlin Campus36,500 m2, November 2005
7Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications LibraryXianlin Campus33,000 m2, May 2010
8Jingwen Library of Nanjing University of Chinese MedicineXianlin Campus29,800 m2, April 2006
9Library of Nanjing Forest Police CollegeXianlin, Nanjing10,600 m2, 2003
10Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology LibraryPukou Campus32,400 m2, 2010
11Run Run Shaw Library of Nanjing Tech UniversityPukou Campus40,200 m2, September 2006
12Library of Nanjing Audit UniversityPukou Campus27,800 m2, April 2007
13Library of Jiangsu Police InstitutePukou Campus22,000 m2, 2013
14Library of Nanjing Medical UniversityJiangning Campus16,000 m2, June 2007
15Nanjing Institute of Technology LibraryJiangning Campus38,500 m2, April 2008
16Library of Nanjing Xiaozhuang UniversityJiangning Campus34,400 m2, June 2012
17Jinling Institute of Technology LibraryJiangning Campus34,100 m2, May 2009
18Sanjiang University LibraryYuhua District, Nanjing15,000 m2, September 2009
19Jiangnan University Gongyi LibraryLihu Avenue Campus, Wuxi52,200 m2, October 2007
20China University of Mining and Technology LibraryNanhu Campus, Xuzhou48,500 m2, October 2007
21Library of Xuzhou Medical CollegeXuzhou15,000 m2, 2005
22Xuzhou Institute of Technology LibrarySouth Campus, Xuzhou17,000 m2, 2002
Run Run Shaw Library, Xuzhou Institute of TechnologyCentral Campus, Xuzhou27,700 m2, 2012
23Changzhou University LibraryWujin Campus15,000 m2, June 2006
24Jiangsu University of Technology LibraryChangzhou37,800 m2, October 2009
25Binglin Library of Soochow UniversityDushu Lake Campus31,300 m2, September 2006
26Run Run Shaw Library, Changshu Institute of TechnologyDonghu Campus23,200 m2, September 2007
Changshu Institute of Technology LibraryDongnan Campus24,000 m2, October 2010
27Suzhou University of Science and Technology LibraryShihu Campus, Suzhou39,300 m2, September 2012
28Library of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool UniversitySuzhou22,000 m2, August 2013
29Nantong University LibraryNantong36,000 m2, July 2011
30Huaihai Institute of Technology LibraryCangwu Campus, Lianyungang8,000 m2, 2001
31Library of Huaiyin Normal UniversityWangying Campus32,000 m2, 2005
32Huaiyin Institute of Technology LibraryHuai’an29,100 m2, October 2007
33Library of Yancheng Teachers UniversityXinchang Campus32,500 m2, December 2007
34Yancheng Institute of Technology LibraryYingbin Avenue Campus9,500 m2, 2001
Yancheng Institute of Technology LibraryXiwang Avenue Campus38,500 m2, 2001
35Zhaowen Library of Yangzhou UniversityYangzijin Campus47,700 m2, June 2010
36Jiangsu University LibraryZhenjiang44,000 m2, September 2010
37Jiangsu University of Science and TechnologyWestern Campus, Zhenjiang8,000 m2, March 2006
38Suqian CollegeSuqian30,700 m2, July 2002

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