Library Services for Bioinformatics: Establishing Synergy Data Information and Knowledge

Library Services for Bioinformatics: Establishing Synergy Data Information and Knowledge

Shri Ram (Thapar University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1871-6.ch002
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Bioinformatics is an emerging data intensive discipline. The community and information resources and sources are heterogeneous. It is the role of library to provide a comprehensive platform to deliver effective information services to the community. The paper discusses the status of various bioinformatics information resources available for the community. It is essential to search, consolidate and made information resources available to the community. The paper also discusses the methodology for integration of information resources at a single platform. The integration platform is proposed shall highlight the role of the library in understanding the current best practices to deliver effective information to bioinformatics community. It will discuss the close relationship between data and information playing an extensive role in generation of bioinformatics knowledge. Further, a model has been proposed for the resource integration in the area of bioinformatics in order to provide a comprehensive platform for knowledge dissemination.
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Bioinformatics And Its Research Domain

The bioinformatics research area involves the in-silico analysis of genomics data generated though laboratory experiments. Biological data are being produced at an unprecedented rate on a daily basis conjuring up in managing and integrating these data in a more precise and meaningful manner. It can be evident from the exponential growth in the database in every year. As an example the current version of European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) database consists of 199,575,971 entries with 301,588,430,608 nucleotides (Leinonen et al., 2010). After the completion of Human Genome Project in 2003 and the result obtained though this project has revealed and opens several doors of science and computation research in a variety of subject areas including bioinformatics. Completion of human genome project has generated immense interest to biotechnology industry and pharmaceutical companies. The research focus includes diagnosis of genes and their altered functions associated with diseases, identification of therapeutic targets and designing drugs against them, development of biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis, etc. at individual level. Besides, genome sequences of many more organisms are available and are accessible publicly which has generated tremendous interest among the biologists for translational research throughout the globe.

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