Management Information Systems in the Public Sector

Management Information Systems in the Public Sector

Richard Heeks (University of Manchester, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-87828-952-0.ch009


Management information systems (MIS) are fundamental for public sector organizations seeking to support the work of managers. Yet they are often ignored in the rush to focus on ‘sexier’ applications. This chapter aims to redress the balance by providing a detailed analysis of public sector MIS. It first locates MIS within the broader management monitoring and control systems that they support. Understanding the broader systems and the relationship to public sector inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes is essential to understanding MIS. The chapter details the different types of reports that MIS produce, and uses this as the basis for an MIS model and a description of the decision-making benefits that computerized MIS can bring. Finally, the chapter describes generic public sector MIS that address internal government transactions, public administration/ regulation, and public service delivery. Real-world examples of all types are provided from the U.S., England, Africa, and Asia. <BR>

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