Marketing Vulnerabilities in an Age of Online Commerce

Marketing Vulnerabilities in an Age of Online Commerce

Robert S. Owen (Texas A&M University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-5888-2.ch533

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Strategies And Tactics For Attack

The following are emerging strategies and tactics for competitive attack that have been enabled by online technology.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Chain Email/Chain Letter: An email letter that directs recipients to forward multiple copies of the same letter to others.

Domain Name Squatting: Registering a trademark, an organization’s name, or person’s name as a domain name with the intention to profit from traffic to an unrelated web site or by reselling the domain name back to the person or organization.

Exploit: An action that takes advantage of weaknesses or vulnerabilities in software or hardware.

Click Fraud: Clicking on an online advertisement link for the premeditated purpose of causing a pay-per-click advertiser to pay for the click without the intent to take any other actions (such as buy a product).

Urban Legend: A story that contains some measure of truth or fact but is embellished with misinformation and repeatedly passed from person to person.

Domain Name Grabbing: Registering an abandoned or lapsed domain name immediately after it is released by a registrar.

Spoofing: Pretending to be the owner of a trademark or organization name; registering and using a domain name that is deceptively similar to a trademark or organization name. This could be through transposing words or inverting a phrase.

Social engineering: Manipulating people through their natural trust or desire to help in order to trick them into divulging information or performing actions.

Clickjacking: Tricking browser users into clicking on content that that is controlled by a hidden hyperlink, leading the user to content that was not expected, such as a different website or the downloading of malware.

Digital Sharecropping: Relying on a third party to host one’s digital assets or services.

Trojan: A malicious program that is hidden within a seemingly useful and harmless program. Also known as a Trojan horse.

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