Medical Information Representation Framework for Mobile Healthcare

Medical Information Representation Framework for Mobile Healthcare

Ing Widya (University of Twente, the Netherlands), HaiLiang Mei (University of Twente, the Netherlands), Bert-Jan Beijnum (University of Twente, the Netherlands), Jacqueline Wijsman (University of Twente, the Netherlands) and Hermie Hermens (University of Twente, the Netherlands)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-988-5.ch032
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In mobile healthcare, medical information are often expressed in different formats due to the local policies and regulations and the heterogeneity of the applications, systems, and the adopted Information and communication technology. This chapter describes a framework which enables medical information, in particular clinical vital signs and professional annotations, be processed, exchanged, stored and managed modularly and flexibly in a mobile, distributed and heterogeneous environment despite the diversity of the formats used to represent the information. To deal with medical information represented in multiple formats the authors adopt techniques and constructs similar to the ones used on the Internet, in particular, the authors are inspired by the constructs used in multi-media e-mail and audio-visual data streaming standards. They additionally make a distinction of the syntax for data transfer and store from the syntax for expressing medical domain concepts. In this way, they separate the concerns of what to process, exchange and store from how the information can be encoded or transcoded for transfer over the internet. The authors use an object oriented information model to express the domain concepts and their relations while briefly illustrate how framework tools can be used to encode vital sign data for exchange and store in a distributed and heterogeneous environment.

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