Method Chunks to Federate Development Processes

Method Chunks to Federate Development Processes

Isabelle Mirbel (I3S Laboratory, France)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-927-4.ch006


Method engineering aims at providing effective solutions to build, improve, and support the evolution of development methodologies. Contributions in the field of situational method engineering aim at providing techniques and tools allowing one to build project-specific methodologies. However, little research has focused on how to tailor such situational methodologies when used as organization-wide standard approaches. Moreover, current approaches have been thought of for method engineers, that is to say, expert users, and they are not enough dedicated to nonexpert ones. In this context, we propose an approach that consists of federating the method chunks built from the different project-specific methods in order to allow each project to share its best practices with the other projects without imposing to all of them a new and unique organization-wide method.

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