Mobile Health Care: A Technology View

Mobile Health Care: A Technology View

Veda Prakash Mangu (Graphene Semiconductors Ltd., India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6198-9.ch001
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This chapter gives a high-level view of the technology involved in the solution of Mobile Health Care with Cloud Computing as back-bone. It emphasizes on Hardware elements, Computation requirements when the solution covers huge scope of medical problems at the mega scales across wide areas. This chapter discusses sub-systems of the solution, that include Smart Phones, Computation Engines, High End Transportation Systems, Multi-Specialty Hospitals, Smart Phones/Digital Personal Assistants used by Medical Practitioners. Discusses on the accuracies, bandwidth requirements and latencies present in the systems, also emphasizes on the required accuracies as the problem area is Human Life. To address the challenges that arises when the solution gets high degree of maturity, this chapter proposes review of the current day protocols in the systems. Also proposes to integrate intelligent applications and different eco-systems like Big Data, Data Analytics and Internet of Things, and best adaptability of these areas with Nano-technologies to result in increased average life time of humans.
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2. High Level View Of The Solution

Figure 1 is the pictorial view of the Mobile Health Care System, which shows all sub-systems, groups participating in the model. Each system on its own is again a complex system which needs accuracy and guaranteed service delivery model.

Figure 1.

System level view of the solution


The system can be viewed as below:

  • 1.

    End Users

  • 2.

    High End Servers sitting cloud

  • 3.

    Physicians and Hospitals

  • 4.

    Mobile Services connected to hospitals or groups of hospitals.

End Users

All individuals who generates the requests for consulting services on different health problems. The requests either can be generated manually by the user or automatically by the sensors embedded into the mobile devices they carry. The sensors and respective intelligence embedded into the devices will continuously monitor different health parameters of the individual and warn the user to consider for visiting a doctor. The software applications running on the mobile devices will process the collected data and send consulting signals to the master controller.

High End Servers

This is the place where high computation engine process the data received from the end user and find out the hospital or network of hospitals where the requests can be services. These engines will keep track of huge amount of data of all the people falling under its visibility. There can be multiple Clouds in the system to cater the requirements of all areas in a state according to the population. All the requests coming from different mobile devices are collected, stored and processed in this building block. This system needs high accuracy in delivery of the services. For enabling this guaranteed delivery, it also receives, stores the data from different hospitals in the area it covers. This is for ensuring the availability of respective specialists corresponding to a problem noticed from certain areas. High End Computation Engines sitting in the clouds, continuously monitors all the incoming lines from end user and also from hospitals. Along with hospitals, it also has to manage the Health Vehicles data and co-ordinate with specialists available with a particular vehicle.

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