Mobile Measuring Complex for Conducting an Electric Network Survey

Mobile Measuring Complex for Conducting an Electric Network Survey

Alexander Vinogradov (Federal Scientific Agroengineering Centre VIM, Russia), Vadim Bolshev (Federal Scientific Agroengineering Centre VIM, Russia), Alina Vinogradova (Federal Scientific Agroengineering Centre VIM, Russia), Maxim Borodin (Orel State Agrarian University, Russia), Alexey Bukreev (Orel State Agrarian University, Russia), and Igor Golikov (Orel State Agrarian University, Russia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9420-8.ch010
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An energy audit of the electrical network is required in the process of constructing new electrical networks as well as in justifying the reconstruction need of existing ones. In this chapter, the structure of a mobile measuring complex has been developed to conduct an electrical network survey without disconnecting consumers. The complex can be used to inspect 0.4 kV electrical networks and microgrids of the same voltage class and allows data collection on voltage losses and electric power losses in network elements such as a power lines (electric transmission line), and power transformers. The energy audit is conducted without disconnecting consumers in order to avoid an undersupply of electricity as well as to determine the real operating modes of power networks. Ultimately, the use of the developed measuring complex will increase the reliability of the power supply to consumers and ensure the required quality of the electricity supplied to them.
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Mic Project

The main tasks to be solved with the help of the developed MIC should be:

Key Terms in this Chapter

Power Supply Reliability: The ability of the power supply system to transmit and distribute the required amount of electricity from sources to consumers at standard voltage levels and in accordance with a specified load schedule

Power Quality: The conformity degree of electrical energy characteristics at a point in the electrical system with a set of standardized indicators

Mobile Measuring Complex for Conducting A Survey Of Electric Networks: A set of equipment including sensors for operating modes of the electrical network and the multifunctional information processing unit, means for transmitting data from sensors to the complex and other necessary equipment for analyzing the operating modes of the electrical network located on car or another mobile vehicle.

Microgrid: A localized group of electricity sources and loads that can operates both connected to the centralized power network and function autonomously as physical or economic conditions dictate.

Mode of the Electrical Network: The electrical state of the electrical network, characterized by basic parameters such as frequency and voltage as well as losses of electrical energy, voltage losses etc.

Electrical Network: A set of electrical installations designed to transmit and distribute electricity from the power plant to the consumer.

Consumer: A legal entity or a private person exercising the use of electric energy (capacity) on the basis of a concluded contract.

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