Model of the Empirical Distribution Law for Syntactic and Link Words in “Perfect” Texts

Model of the Empirical Distribution Law for Syntactic and Link Words in “Perfect” Texts

Pavel Makagonov (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8690-8.ch002
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The measure of perfection of the contents and semantic value of an integrated text is connected with the indicators of perfection in the distribution of content words. This criterion is the coordination of their “frequency-rank” distribution with the Zipf or Zipf-Mandelbrot law. In this chapter the hypothesis verified is that a perfect system should have not only perfect distribution of its elements - objects, but also perfect connections between them. A model is suggested in which the degree of the text perfection from the point of view of the quality of connections between significative words is determined by the quality of distribution of syntactic and link words in the “rank - frequency” representation. As a simplified criterion the ratio of the significant and syntactic words used in the analyzed text and the degree of the closeness of this ratio to the “golden section” is considered.
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Golden Section In The Ratio Of Content And Syntactic Words In “Perfect” Texts

Let's analyze now several integrated complete texts recognized “ideal” in the world literature. These are internationally acclaimed written masterpieces, oral folklore products written down, for example, fairy tales.

Basically, here there can also be collections of scientific texts on narrow subjects, exhaustively reflecting the subject of study.

Thirteen most well-known and popular texts which can be regarded as “systems close to perfection” have been analyzed:

  • Homestead Act of 1862 (U.S. Congress, 1862).

  • Carroll, L. (1991). Alice's adventures in wonderland. The millennium fulcrum edition. Duncan Research.

  • Кэрролл, Л. Приключения Алисы в стране чудес (Russian text Carroll, L. Alice's adventures in wonderland, in translation N. M. Demurova, 1991).

  • Carroll, L. Alicia en el país de las maravillas (Caroll, 2003).

  • The Valiant Little Tailor – a fairytale (Grimm & Grimm, n.d.).

  • Храбрый портняжка – Russian version of The Valiant Little Tailor Grimms' Fairy Tales (Grimm & Grimm, n.d.).

  • El sastrecillo valiente (Siete de un golpe) – a short story (Grimm & Grimm, n.d.).

  • Das tapfere Schneiderlein – a fairytale (Grimm & Grimm, n.d.).

  • The Three Little Pigs (Steel, n.d.).

  • Сказка про трёх поросят (The Three Little Pigs Russian version) (, n.d.).

  • Stevenson, R. L. Heather Ale: A Galloway Legend (Stevenson, 2001).

  • Вересковый мёд (Heather Ale Russian – a ballad by R. L. Stevenson (Marshak, n.d.).

  • Pushkin, A. C. A Tale about a Fisherman and a Fish (Russian text), (Pushkin, 1960).

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