Modern Security Systems in Libraries

Modern Security Systems in Libraries

Sotonye Orji, Juliet Chinedu Alex-Nmecha
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5964-5.ch005
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One of the most significant difficulties facing libraries and librarians is security. Theft, mutilation, as well as other maltreatment of information resources have posed a significant challenge to the library profession around the world. This study highlights the many physical, environmental, and digital data security systems that are used for library security purposes, as well as the various security measures used in modern libraries. The study looked at some electronic security systems, such as CCTV, RFID, 3M security systems, smart cards, biometrics, access control systems, electromagnetic systems, etc. that are deployed in libraries. The challenges facing library security systems were highlighted, and the study recommends that libraries should give priority to security in their budgets, purchase modern security devices, design and implement effective and efficient security policies, as well as sensitize users and personnel on security issues.
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Library Security System

A security system is one that detects burglary, or unauthorized access into a facility or other location. Domestic, academic, industrial, commercial, and armed services buildings all have security systems to defend against robbery or vandalism, and safety from intruders (Deka & Nath, 2020).The security system not only provides security, but it also helps libraries enhance and improve their productivity. Nonetheless, the security systems' smooth operation does not interfere with the library's core goal of offering a user-friendly environment(Gupta & Madhusudhan, 2017). All techniques taken to protect the availability, continuity, accessibility, and lifespan of library collections in order to provide effective services to its user population are referred to as library security (Yusuf, et al., 2018).

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