Multi-Modal Transportation

Multi-Modal Transportation

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This chapter highlights concepts, dimensions, issues, and challenges associated with multimodal transportation of goods. It gives a decision-making framework for selection of modes and nodes based on the dimensions of multimodal system. Thirteen dimensions of multimodal transportation have been identified and its impact on selection of logistics route has been discussed. A computational framework for selecting the best multimodal route has been proposed in this chapter.
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Dimensions Of Multimodal Transportation

14 dimensions have been identified based on the literature and field studies. Table 1 illustrates these dimensions.

Table 1.
Dimensions of multimodal transportation
Dimensions of Multimodal Transportation
1.Cargo Mix Dimension8.Financial Dimension
2.Modal Mix Dimension9.Competition Dimension
3.Nodal Mix Dimension10.Information Dimension
4.Capacity Dimension11.Environmental Dimension
5.Infrastructure Dimension12.Risk Dimension
6.Demand Dimension13.Statutory / Legal Dimension
7.Quality of Service Dimension14.Practices or Ethical Dimension

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