Multicriteria Problems in Complex Systems Management

Multicriteria Problems in Complex Systems Management

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2509-7.ch002
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Chapter 2 provides a general formulation of multicriteria problems. Formalization of the utility function and analysis of the utility function are considered. Nonlinear scheme of compromise and its unification is proposed. Accounting for the decision maker preferences is reviewed. The dual approach to the accounting is proposed. Pareto optimality and axiomatics of the nonlinear scheme of compromise are considered. A nested scalar convolutions method is proposed. Multicriteria evaluation problems are reviewed. Principle of rational organization is proposed.
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Formalization Of The Utility Function

In general, the utility function of the decision maker can be represented as 978-1-5225-2509-7.ch002.m01, where 978-1-5225-2509-7.ch002.m02 – the vector of possible solutions defined in the feasible region X; 978-1-5225-2509-7.ch002.m03 – vector of partial criteria defined in the allowable region 978-1-5225-2509-7.ch002.m04; 978-1-5225-2509-7.ch002.m05 – vector of constraints; 978-1-5225-2509-7.ch002.m06 – vector of external conditions, defined on the set of possible factors R.

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