Music Tutor Using Tower Defense Strategy

Music Tutor Using Tower Defense Strategy

Golam Ashraf (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Ho Kok Wei Daniel (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Kong Choong Yee (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Nur Aiysha Plemping (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Ou Guo Zheng (National University of Singapore, Singapore) and Teo Chee Kern (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1634-9.ch016


Vivace is an online musical tower defense game using the tree-of-life metaphor, created using the Unity3D game engine. The game integrates basic music theory with the tower defense mechanic to motivate inspired learning. Vivace is different from most existing musical games, as it integrates notes and chords pedagogy in a puzzle-centric metaphor, as opposed to action/rhythm. This ensures that players undergo active learning by constantly applying and reiterating these musical concepts when tackling enemies and bosses through different levels. This article describes the procedural generation algorithms and game balancing strategies used to implement the game.
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Design Challenges

There were several challenges that we needed to address while creating this game. Firstly, we needed to create a gameplay that would integrate both the musical and tower defence elements seamlessly such that it would not be awkward for players used to one or both of these genres.

Secondly, we ran the risk of making the game too difficult and detailed that only a person with a musical background would be able to play it. Therefore, we made a conscious effort to restrict the mechanics and theory to beginners.

The third problem we faced was the creation of a procedurally generated tree which would form the playing field for the entire game. Although the tree generated was in 2D, there were issues with performance and how realistic the tree looked and how it contributed to the game mechanic itself.

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