Need for Dynamicity in Social Networking Sites: An Overview from Data Mining Perspective

Need for Dynamicity in Social Networking Sites: An Overview from Data Mining Perspective

Gurdeep S. Hura
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6114-1.ch003
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This chapter presents this new emerging technology of social media and networking with a detailed discussion on: basic definitions and applications, how this technology evolved in the last few years, the need for dynamicity under data mining environment. It also provides a comprehensive design and analysis of popular social networking media and sites available for the users. A brief discussion on the data mining methodologies for implementing the variety of new applications dealing with huge/big data in data science is presented. Further, an attempt is being made in this chapter to present a new emerging perspective of data mining methodologies with its dynamicity for social networking media and sites as a new trend and needed framework for dealing with huge amount of data for its collection, analysis and interpretation for a number of real world applications. A discussion will also be provided for the current and future status of data mining of social media and networking applications.
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What Is A Social Media Networking Site (Smns)?

The backbone of any social media networking site is based on user-friendly interface for the design and maintenance of individuals’ profile that may be created after joining it and answering to typical questions of descriptions like as age, location, interests, personal information, and usually an “about me” section. Most social media networking sites also encourage users to upload a profile photo and allow users to enhance their profiles by adding multimedia content or modifying their profile's look and feel. Some social media networking sites in particular Facebook allows the users to add their application that enhances their profile for the employment opportunities (Facebook Detox, n.d.; Is Facebook making us lonely?, n.d.; Create your own blog, n.d.; People you may know, n.d.; My Space, n.d.; Boyd & Ellison, 2007; Kaplan, 2012; Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010; Kietzmann et al., 2011; Digital Journalism – How News is Sourced with Social Media, n.d.; Research Survey, n.d.; Laurent, 2011; Bloomers joining Social at Record Rate, Social Media and Social Networks, n.d.; Kirkpatrick, 2011; An Internet Patent Magazine, Social Media/Don’t steal my avatar!, n.d.; FOMO: The Unintended Effects of Social Media Addiction, n.d.).

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