Neolithic: Separation and War

Neolithic: Separation and War

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The examples of Neolithic paintings created on different continents are given. Particular attention is paid to clarifying the dating and identification of paintings. Other types of artistic and production activities of people are considered, as well as data on their social, religious, and cultural achievements. Along with the well-known galleries of Neolithic painting in Tassili (Algeria) and the Spanish Levant, the lesser-known ones, in particular, the Stone Grave (Ukraine), are considered. Changes to the World Tree myth in the Neolithic are closely related to the cult of the dead. The correlations of markers and the state of levels and channels of subjective space are determined. A generalized psychological portrait of a man of the Neolithic epoch is compiled, and his behavioral patterns are described.
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Neolithic Painting: Expansion And Cultural Context

Dispersion. The numerous samples of Neolithic pictorial art are famous all around the world. Imagine the samples and their dating, trying to cover a wide space both in a geographical and in a chronological sense.

  • Europe (Figure 1).

Figure 1.

Painting in Magura cave (Bulgaria). More than 700 paintings were discovered, dating from 8000 to 4000 years ago. Plots – hunters, dancing people (shamans?), multiple animals (Wikiway. Bolgaria-peshera, n/d).

  • American continent (Figures 2-3).

Figure 2.

“Cave of hands” – Cueva de las Manos (Argentina). 13000 to 9500 years ago. Plots – left hands, hunting scenes and pictures of animals. (Proistoria.Assets-galeries,n/d).

Figure 3.

Caves of Serra da Capivara (Brazil). 25 000 years ago. Plots – rituals, hunt, trees, animals. (World-rock-art, n/d).

  • Asia (Figure 4).

Figure 4.

Caves of Bhimbetka (India). More than 600 paintings. The oldest painting is 12 000 years old. Sometimes there are ranked as Mesolithic ones. Plots - people, bison, tigers, lions, and crocodiles. Author: Aleksey Verbov (Lsvsx-livejornal, n/d).

  • Africa (Figures 5-6).

Figure 5.

Cave drawings in Laas Geel (Somalia). Dating – from 11 000 to 5000 years. Plots – cows, people in ceremonial dress, domesticated dogs, giraffes (World-rock-art, n/d)


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