Neuromarketing Step by Step: Based on Scientific Publications

Neuromarketing Step by Step: Based on Scientific Publications

Erick Valencia (CICRET EA, Colombia)
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The author's recommendation in its proposal on current marketing is the most scientific approach to a topic with so many contradictions; due to trendy, current, efficiency or social deception. These and other statements about neuromarketing have made a topic of importance in world literature. The purpose at this time, was to make an explanation of neuromarketing based on rigorous scientific knowledge. Based on that, the author approaches without fear neuro-scientific concepts with the expertise of an experienced person in the field, and with the knowledge of the mixture with the administrative areas. The aim was to go from cell structure and explanation of how to measure, through the proper interpretation of what is measured, and reaching the practical application of the technique of neuromarketing for companies in 10 steps. Finally, clear scientific advances come to increase the study of “Neuromarketing”.
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Neuromarketing, from the point of view of a scientific analysis it has been poorly organized web. For a scientific approach, the order of neuromarketing issues should be according to scientific publications. Thus, this chapter shows neuromarketing from the point of view of the segmentation of neuromarketing (Neurosegmentation). As Neurosegmentation of Neuromarketing areas, it means that there are some publications about neurosegmentation of neuromarketing at this moment in the scientific literature. These segments are showed according to the brain behavior. The reason for this bad classification of neuromarketing is the ignorance of many people about the real meaning of neuromarketing. Sometimes using topics of measurements, marketing, brain, neuro-linguistic programming (PNL) or talking about feelings indiscriminately to talk under the theme of neuromarketing. Therefore in this case the author includes this topic to bring order to the different sub-themes of neuromarketing. Thus, the segmentation of neuromarketing includes:

  • Children Neuromarketing (Lindstrom, 2005, 2011)

  • Neuroeconomics (Sanfey et al., 2003; Egidi, et al., 2008; Tetaz, 2014)

  • The concept of Neuro-P and Neuro-O (Valencia, 2013)

  • Brain waves and their interpretation (Vecchiato et al., 2010; Astolfi et al., 2008; Vecchiato et al., 2011; Astolfi et al., 2009)

  • Eye track (Kalliny & Gentry, 2010; Logo, Jozsa, & Hamomik, 2010; AIMC & alt64, 2005)

  • Anatomy and physiology of the purchase button (Hubert & Kenning, 2005; Lin et al., 2010; Knutson et al., 2007)

  • Functional MRI (fMRI), applications and interpretations (Lindstrom, 2011; Ohme et al., 2010)

  • Segmentation of the 3 genders (masculine, feminine and gender X) (Rapaille, 2007)

  • Insight and imprints (Klaric, 2014; Quiñones, 2013)

  • Pentadimencional Brand (Brand 5D), Octadimencional Brand (Brand 8D) and the 4 Rites (4Rs) (Lindstrom, 2005)

  • Neurovalor. Application of the concepts of neurology at the value chain (Valencia, 2013)

  • Neuroventas (Salazar, 2011; Valencia et al, in press).

  • Anatomy and function of the 3 brains, studies applied to marketing (reptilian, emotional or limbic and cortical) (Casafont, 2015; Ripoll, 2014)

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