New Media Research in Business and Management Fields: A Bibliometric Analysis

New Media Research in Business and Management Fields: A Bibliometric Analysis

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Recently, research on new media has grown rapidly. However, business and management research categories that focus on new media have not received much scholarly attention. To improve our understanding of the structure of this research area within other disciplines, this chapter focuses on revealing the bibliometric structure of the documents. An overview is provided in terms of the documents that are located under the business and management categories of Web of Science. This chapter reviews 62 documents with a focus of revealing descriptive outputs. Accordingly, the authors and the most relevant approaches are mapped within the field. The analysis identifies top contributors and their field of studies. Also, conceptual and intellectual structures are revealed. Findings uncover research topics and theoretical foundations of the field and how certain conversations pursue them through different conceptualizations. Building on the results, future research opportunities are also identified.
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In this chapter, the fundamental focus is to look closer to the research about new media in business and management fields. According to Gulbrandsen et al. (2019), new media can be considered as a mediation that has a kind of a transformative impact on messages, experiences, and interactions. New media also have implications for the organizations' strategic relationships among the stakeholders (Gulbrandsen et al., 2019).

New media as a topic of research has been studied in communication studies in the past years (Fagerjord and Kueng, 2019; Teng et al., 2015; Akesson et al.,2018). However, much attention is required from other disciplines for providing a multi-disciplinary approach and enhancing the academic maturity within the field of study. Research fields and topics require a certain number of scholars who are paid attention to the particular areas regarding their intellectual interests. Business and management fields are well-developed areas in terms of their categories. However, the integration of different categories provides new insights and develops emerging concepts, such as new media.

Emerging concepts require many qualified scholars, who work in a particular research area. The developments within any research field can be observed by examining the contents of the studies. Trends and evolutions can also be traced through the documents. In each research field, according to Tranfiled et al., (2003) trends are existed and connections are hidden among the dominated scholars. So, review studies are vital for understanding the conceptual and intellectual structures (Crossan & Apaydin, 2010). Thus, revision of such literature can provide a fruitful explanation at least the development and accumulation of knowledge.

The emergence of the new media concept within other study categories has not been paid attention to. Thus, this chapter will try to review the concept of 'new media' with the consideration of business and management categories. This study aims to examine both co-authorship and co-citation networks by analyzing and visualizing the intellectual structure of the new media concept from the perspective of business and management by using bibliographic visualization methods.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Network: A group or system of interconnected people or things

New Media: Means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the internet.

Bibliometrix: Is kind of a tool, suitable for science mapping.

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