New School Graduate Image: How Do High Tech Business Companies Try to Affect the Education of Modern Youth? Analysis of Online Media Materials

New School Graduate Image: How Do High Tech Business Companies Try to Affect the Education of Modern Youth? Analysis of Online Media Materials

Valery Puzyrevsky
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6951-0.ch002
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In recent years, modern, innovative, transnational businesses are actively trying to influence the state of the education system – from participation in projects of specific schools to influence for global trends in the development of education (for example, the idea of 21st century skills). It is important to note that business is not limited to financial support for education. It is important to influence the change in goals, values, content of education, and basic pedagogical technologies. This is done through to the positioning of a new image of the future and another image of the graduate of the school, those professional skills of specialists that will be required for large corporations in the coming years. Analyzing on the materials of online resources, the characteristics of modern startups and educational projects supported by large business, one can understand what changes the business wants from education.
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Psychological Portrait Of Young Stars Of Startups (According To Online Media)

For a long time, the school sphere and business were nonintersecting phenomena. They did not intersect in the sense that the competences of business activity were not within sight of didacticians, psychologists, methodologists or pedagogues-experts. It's clear that in Soviet school it was so due to ideological grounds, but in the other countries, such trendiness came to school highly timidly, generally through facultative economics courses. To this extent such practices really still lack in mainstream school even in the form of modeling of business processes.

However, the time, technological development, things mode will not wait while the school will awake and become attentive to the surrounding changes. These changes take to seize the students with currents of the educational information ocean that saturates our everyday life especially in these days, in the epoch of Internet and accelerate development of business and entertaining communications. This is why media are splashed with the headlines about infant prodigies in the business sphere. And certainly, the main attention was addressed to those who had achieved a standout success in the sphere of IT-technologies, software and hardware, social media, virtual games and nanotechnologies development. Surely, it is referred to the success achieved in their age and maybe little elder level.

This first chapter section presents the analytical review of biographies of several young startupers of 2009-2015. On the base of shown up personal and competence particularities of the biographies, we'll try to create a collective portrait of young startupers to consider it as a possible foundation for the image of a modern school graduate.

Who are they, the young stars of startups? We chose for analysis in the frame of the chapter the texts about achievements of 17 young men and 4 girls who had become the newsmakers for more than 70 URLs. Some of these startupers were born in different cities of Russia, six – in the USA, and one for Australia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Great Britain, Uzbekistan and other countries.

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