E-Novation Collaboration

E-Novation Collaboration

Michael Conlin (EDS Applications Services Asia Pacific, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-394-4.ch007


Research and analysis has revealed the issues, controversies, and problems related to collaborative communities and the role they play in e-novation. It has also revealed useful insight about, and solutions to, many of these challenges. Business leaders can benefit by learning from the insights offered by these pioneers. This chapter offers a process by which business leaders can leverage to add a community of their industry ecosystem. Harnessing e-novation through collaborative communities is now a strategic opportunity for any organisation.
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Collaborative communities will play a significant role for most corporations in the near future. This dynamic is fully emerged in the high-tech sector where collaborative communities play a strategic role for most corporations and individuals. In order to explore the impact of collaborative communities in large, high-tech firms, a series of structured interviews1 was conducted with executives from Microsoft, Sun, Cisco, Tibco, Borland, EMC, Fuji Xerox, Symantec, and EDS, an HP Company. These interviews were supported by the direct experience of using many of the community websites, as a registered community member where that was possible. The interview results, and exercises in community participation, were analysed to reveal the underlying dynamics and trends. Table 1 lists the sample communities that are profiled in depth at the end of this chapter.

Table 1.
E-novation collaboration communities in brief
E-Novation Collaboration Communities in Brief
ARC Research Project- knowledge shared is knowledge grown
Australia.NET Community- giving everyone a fair go
CodePlex- helping developers help themselves
EDSource- forging new approaches to Open Source Software
Microsoft MVP Program- it takes an “A player” to spot an “A player”
Microsoft STEMD MVP Program- developing tomorrow’s technology leaders
NetBeans project- anyone can do it.
Sun MySQL Community- what’s mine is yours.
Sun OpenSolaris Community- we’re all in this together.
Sun Solaris Community- communities first, then customers
SymIQ- peer pressure drives higher performance
Tibco User Groups- we few, we proud few
TibCommunity- strengthening the voice of the customer

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