On Exhibition Graphics Understood as a Space-Related Interface

On Exhibition Graphics Understood as a Space-Related Interface

Aurelia Bertron (Bertron Schwarz Frey Studios, Germany)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0666-9.ch019


Exhibition projects created by Bertron Schwarz Frey follow strong design principles built on the triad “content – form – meaning”. The exhibition as a medium works within two main disciplines, design and architecture, the former of which is the main focus here. A deeper understanding of exhibition-graphics methods and possibilities is provided by examining three specific questions and taking a closer look at some of the exhibition projects designed by the author's studio, including the Mendelssohn House of Music in Leipzig, the ZEISS Museum of Optics in Oberkochen Germany and the Museum of Natural History Berlin.
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Museums are among the most successful media in our “information-society” – even more successful than libraries, theaters and universities. (Korff, 2008)

At a museum, the exhibition is the interface between the visitor and the museum – its collections, depots and research. In the contemporary era, the classical nineteenth- and twentieth-century conception of the museum, according to which museum directors and curators understood their task to be to collect and preserve objects of cultural history, has been transformed. Today, the museum tends to be a public forum that reaches a broad swathe of the population. Visiting an exhibition is considered to be a good use of leisure time, and some exhibitions are almost overrun with visitors.

As an exhibition designer for museums, one has to ask oneself: what is it that visitors are so fascinated with? First of all, they are fascinated with stories. The story itself is the fascination – but only if it is told well. The right question might be: how does one tell a good story? There are several means:

  • Language – talk, speech or theater

  • Writing – narrative, poem, documentary or fiction

  • Sequel – film, TV or computer

But the museum – and this makes it unique – tells its stories by means of its objects, mostly original objects from its own collection.

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