Online Customer Experience

Online Customer Experience

Emel Kursunluoglu Yarimoglu (Yasar University, Turkey)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4864-7.ch009


Internet has become one of the strongest components of commerce. The number of online customers continues to rise day to day and satisfying them is a vital issue in order for online companies to survive. Customer experience is important in e-commerce as well as in traditional commerce. Online customer experience is a unique subject that should be analyzed for gaining sustainable competitive advantage in e-commerce, since there are more intangible elements for online retailers than brick and mortar retailers. The main aim of this chapter is to identify the formation of online customer experience and to show the importance of online customer experience. If online customer experience is created by online retailer, customer satisfaction and loyalty can be developed later. For such reasons, factors that affect online customer experience and designing a Website for creating online customer experience are discussed in this chapter.
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Customer Experience

Customer experience refers to the internal and subjective response of customers to any direct or indirect contacts (Meyer and Schwager 2007, 118). Direct contacts occur during surfing and purchasing, which is controlled by customers. Indirect contacts refer to unplanned activities such as word of mouth, reviews and advertisings like rich media and pop up. In this definition, customer experience varies from customer to customer and is affected by different controllable or uncontrollable stimulus. In other studies, customer experience is defined as a set of interactions between a customer and a product, a company, or part of its organization, which provoke a reaction (Gentile, Spiller, and Noci 2007, 397; Shaw and Ivens 2005).It is emphasized that customer experience includes personal connections and customer’s involvement. Definitions show that customers’ reactions to different stimulus at different moments of contact, customers’ personal characteristics, and customer expectations affect the customer experience in general.

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