Operational Strategies Associated With RFID Applications in Healthcare Systems

Operational Strategies Associated With RFID Applications in Healthcare Systems

Alan D. Smith (Robert Morris University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3926-1.ch020


An effective information system is essential for a business or industry to be successful in today's highly competitive market. Perhaps the most compelling case for RFID-embedded technologies in the healthcare field has been increased efficiency in supply chain performance measurements, which generally consist of financial and non-financial indicators. Many research studies have assumed that these efficiency measures are transferrable in the medical services field. Such optimism is fuelled by the expectations that such supply chain measures will result in equally impressive results in the healthcare field. Although this transfer may be somewhat flawed and imperfectly applied, research has verified certain elements of operational optimism. There are still a number of technical, ethical, and legal issues or hurdles that surround RFID applications in the healthcare industry that must be successfully overcome. However, few can successfully argue against freeing hospital staff from the routine duties associated with traditional inventory so that they may be free to serve patients. With recent governmental regulations and the concern for increased access to universal medical care and its astronomical costs, these issues need to be addressed.
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